The Global Leadership Institute, together with the support of NC high school students from the student leadership program, Transcending Borders, from years 2013 and 2014, are assisting in obtaining the funds for the Cumbre Water Project. This past summer, 35 students from across the state of NC (including several from Carrboro High School) conducted a community diagnostic in La Cumbre, Dominican Republic where they lived and studied for a total of 8 days. From this diagnostic, they determined that two large areas of the village, a total of 58 households did not have running water. The families had to either walk or take mules to a small river/spring and for most of the households; this was over a mile away. The families in this area of the village had to make this hike 2-4 times a day, to carry water back to their homes, which for a household of 4 people, consisted of carrying 50-70 gallons daily. This project goes towards providing running water for these homes to better the lives of the community of La Cumbre.

  As a contributor to this project, you will be making a tangible and lasting improvement to the lives of the men, women and children who reside in the village of La Cumbre. Water, ever a precious commodity, will be available in minutes, rather than hours. Your financial contribution will bring with it the reward of knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of those who live in La Cumbre, making it a better place with a better future. Your support of this project is also an outgrowth of the Carrboro High School Mural Project made possible by the Global Leadership Institute and their creation of a cultural exchange between communities through hosting Dominican muralists. Through this cultural exchange, we are helping to build a bridge between our community and the community of La Cumbre, DR. Your contribution not only supports a community in need, but also the tides that tie all of us together as a human network. Lastly, we want to make it known that this fundraiser is not a one moment in time, but a harbinger for many things to come.


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